Frequently Asked Questions

1How does it work?
It’s quite simple:
Step 1: You choose one of the specially-tailored designs offered to you.
Step 2: You open an account giving us your contact details and we contact you within one business day in order to discuss the details about your website.
Step 3: You give us the content (text and images for your website) and information needed for the execution of the whole process.
Step 4: You give us the contact details which you want your website to be linked to (e-mail, Facebook page, LinkedIn, etc.) and make the payment.
Step 5: We will be ready within a week and after everything is finished we will contact you.
2Why do I need a website?
The internet is the place where most users first check before selecting a service. That’s why your internet presence is quite important. And you need not only to be present on the internet. You need a user-friendly, fast and functional website that has all the information your clients may need.
3Will other people have the same website?
Every package will be specially tailored towards the customers needs. You can use the same templates, but once you provide your own images and content, the product will be your own and entirely unique.
4Are you going to help me maintain my website?
Our team will make sure that you get all you need regarding your website. We are responsible for all tech sides and for the set up. Once your website has been approved and launched, content updates will be done by you and under your responsibility. Don’t worry – the sites are user-friendly – you only have to fill in the needed information.
5How do I pay?
Once you send your order and we accept it, you can pay via PayPal.
6Can I have a bilingual/monolingual website?
Yes. All templates are monolingual, but we can also make versions with more than one language. For additional info on pricing, please contact us.
7What is the difference between domain and hosting and do I need both?
The domain is the actual name of your website, whatever you would like it to be: for example— On the other hand, “hosting” is simply the section of the Internet where your site is located. You do need both, but we will take care of it all for you!